Red Girl Got Well-Launched!

About 120 people attended the launch

 on September 18th at the Vancouver Public Library, and somewhat of a scurry took place as eager helpers went about grabbing extra chairs from elsewhere in VPL. A fine “buzz” filled the room, and Penny Goldsmith at the book table sold over 80 copies of Red Girl. Christine Hayvice made a fine emcee, Betsy Warland did a short interview with me, and several members of the audience asked questions as well. The evening felt lively, overall. A good start!  Here are some photos, taken by Radiance Dream, this site’s designer:

  • slide19_dean

  • slide18_cynthia_friend

  • slide17_guests

  • slide16_cynthia_friend

  • slide15_cynthiafriends

  • slide14_guests

  • slide13_havice

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  • slide11_guests

  • slide10_betsywarland

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  • slide6a_dean_guest1

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