Award Winning Canadian Writer, Cynthia Flood

Recognition for Red Girl Rat Boy

Earlier Awards:

  • Journey Prize 1990 for story “My Father Took a Cake to France”
  • Western Magazines Gold Award 1994 for story “Country Life”
  • National Magazines Gold Award fiction 2000 for story “Religious Knowledge”
  • Prism International 2nd Prize fiction 2000 for “Religious Knowledge”
  • Nomination for City of Vancouver Book Award 2002 for novel Making a Stone of the Heart

Inclusions in Best Canadian Stories:

  • “Miss Pringle’s Hour” 1997
  • “Religious Knowledge” 2001
  • “Learning To Dance” 2008
  • “Addresses” 2013


Praise for Cynthia Flood

Flood is a highly accomplished stylist, whose technique is tightly calibrated and precise.
National Post
The best fiction challenges, enlightens, even disturbs, and these qualities are evident in Flood’s collection. Here’s a mirror, she is saying, now take a long, hard look.
The Vancouver Sun.


New Short Story on Joyland

Joyland is a literary magazine that selects fiction regionally. Its editors work with stories and excerpts by authors connected to locales across North America.

Read Cynthia’s contribution, “Apology” on Joyland.

On Red Girl Rat Boy

Cynthia Flood comments on her new book: Though some readers see thematic connections in Red Girl Rat Boy, it’s certainly not a linked suite like my last book. The variety pleases me. Also, some stories in Red Girl — “Addresses,” “To Be Queen,” “The Sister-in-Law” — feature a less  elaborated  narrative than I’ve often used in the past. More elliptical,  compressed, imagistic.  Two stories, “Dirty Work” and “Blue Clouds,”
concern left-wing political life in 1970s Vancouver. They are the first  I’ve written that (for me) do show successfully something of that time.  They may lead to another sequence of short fictions. Another story,  “Eggs and Bones,” is split between two central characters. I haven’t  written one of these in a long time, and I like it… Read more.

Red Girl Rat Boy


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