Authors for Indies — Saturday 2 May 2015!

Authors Support Independent Bookstores

You know that independent bookstores have taken a beating in the past decade or so. Here in Vancouver, remember Duthie’s, Peregrine, Granville Books, Women In Print, Hager’s, the Women’s Bookstore, Octopus, R2B2, and many more? All gone.

paperhoundThis spring, an initiative called Authors for Indies seeks to give Canadian independent bookstores a boost.

On Saturday 2 May, writers of all kinds will spend time at independent bookstores of all kinds, clear across Canada.

Poet Elaine Woo, author of Cycling With the Dragon (Nightwood Editions, 2014) and I will support the Authors For Indies project at The Paper Hound, 344 West Pender, Vancouver, from 1 to 3 pm on Saturday 2 May.

We’ll chat with visitors, answer questions, maybe make suggestions about reading — and if you like to have people read aloud to you, we’ll do that.

Also on hand will be Carrie Walker, the well-known visual artist. She’s recently published her first book, Prologue to the Epilogue of a Dog. (That very dog appears on the bookstore’s window.)

If you’ve not yet visited The Paper Hound, you’re in for a treat! An intimate, quirky space, filled with books brand new or gently used, and staffed by dazzlingly knowledgeable booksellers — for any book-lover, what could be better?

Hope to see you there.

If you can’t be in Vancouver, then find another independent bookstore in the area.

Find an independent bookstore here.